MD1 Copper & Brass Pendant

In my last post, I talked about my exciting new studio space in my beautiful new house. And how just like I committed to 100 days of spinning back when I was learning to spin, I’m now committing to 100 days of metal work – jewelry making – to get myself back in the groove. I’m keeping myself honest by blogging what I do each day, so MD1 = Metal Day 1. It’s been a while, so I’m starting simple.

My new work area is not completely set up yet, but luckily I have a lot “parts” that I can start with.

Today I took a piece of sheet copper and a disc of etched brass. I had put the copper through a tube wringer twice; the second time was at 90 degrees to the first pass. I etched the brass in acid, using a sharpie as the resist.

The pendant was made with a cold join using sterling silver, and the bail is also sterling silver.

Copper and Brass Pendant

Copper and Brass Pendant

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