MD10 Finishing the Pendant

Today went pretty much sideways from what I expected, including my “official” planned jewelry project.

I’ll probably work on my chain some more here in a little while, but I decided to go ahead and finish the pendant I started the other day.

Steps for that included making some larger jump rings to connect it together, soldering those closed (soldering chain links is a whole skill on its own), setting the opal, polishing it a little, and tumbling it.

I wasn’t entirely sure all of that was going to come out ok, but there were no major disasters. I’m reasonably happy with it.

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MD9 Chain Time

My new saw blade for my Jump Ringer came yesterday afternoon, so today’s project was to cut the coils of wire I made the other day.

It took about 2 minutes. I love that tool. The links look dark in the picture because sterling turns that color when you anneal it. It will get shiny again when I tumble it at the end.

I decided I am going to make a foxtail chain, also known as a square chain. I got it started, but I’ll do more tomorrow & post a picture of it then.

Jump Ringer & cut sterling links

Jump Ringer & cut sterling links

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MD8 Finishing the Cheaters

As it turns out, I was able to crimp these beads in place with a tool I have here in our new house, so I have finished the earrings I started yesterday.

I didn’t want to tumble them to strengthen the wire, because I’m not sure those ceramic beds would stand up to that. So I planished the top of the curve a little just to work-harden them.

I like the way they came out.

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MD7 Feels Like Cheating…

After just a week of getting back into working at my bench, it already feels like cheating to make something that doesn’t directly require a torch or a power tool.

But my commitment is to do SOMETHING at my bench every day, and today was just a really full day. So I needed a quick little project that would still engage my creative spirit.

I decided to make another pair of earrings in the same style as the Mother-of-Pearl ones I made the other day, only using little silver beads sandwiched with these cool little square ceramic beads. I’m really happy with the way they came out, but I can’t finish them yet because I have to play around with a way to add some sort of crimp bead to keep the beads in place. And the tool I need to do that is at the other house.


But here’s how far I got today.

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MD6 Better Bezels

Today was better. I was able to fix the one bezel from yesterday even though it has a slight curve where I filed the seam smooth, and I set that stone. That’s today’s picture.

I started completely over with the oval bezel for the opal. Cut a new strip of silver, got it to the right size, soldered it closed, sanded down the edges, refitted it to the stone for the correct shape, & soldered it successfully – no gaps!! – to the back. Which was also newly created.

Practice and commitment. Tomorrow I might even get the whole thing put together.

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MD5 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Practice makes better. This is why commitment is important.

Today I attempted to solder the bezels for my stones to the backs that form the piece. I knew this could be a challenge, because there are a lot of things that can go wrong when soldering bezels. It’s been a long time since I set a stone. How many mistakes did I make?

1) I started with too big of a flame and actually melted one corner of the back of one of the pieces – that was a new one.
2) On the other one, the solder didn’t flow all the way around, so there was a tiny gap. I managed to fix that one without undoing the rest of the solder, yay!
3) But I also managed to make a tiny gap in the solder of the bezel seam, which can’t be fixed. IF I don’t just start over, I’ll have to file it down a little.
4) I did this on my honeycomb soldering board, which is wonderful EXCEPT for work like this because it makes a pattern of little dots on the back that I will have to polish away. I had forgotten about that.

So. This will definitely be one of MY pieces, not for sale. Unless I decide to redo more of it than I think I’m going to.

But it was a good (re)learning experience, and I have been reminded of a number of things I had forgotten. Tomorrow I’ll decide how much I want to redo and go on from there.

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Apples Fractal is Half Done!

Moving has certainly put a big dent in my spinning practice. It’s only the last couple of weeks that I’m anything like “normal” in that regard.

At any rate, I’ve finally finished the first half of the Apples fractal

spinning project that I’ve been working on, oh, forever. This was the part where I spun one half the braid, split longwise, in one go. That is how you get the longer color changes that create half of the fractal effect.

The other half has been split (also longwise) into 4 pieces, so the colors will change 4 times quicker. When you ply them together it’s beautiful!

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MD4 Stones & Bezels

Today’s project is more ambitious. I decided to set a stone, most likely for a pendant. When I looked at my stones, I really liked the way two of them look together, so I am going to make a piece that uses both.

One is a rectangle of chrysocolla, beautiful teal green/blue. The other is an oval opal – Mexican, maybe? It’s a lovely clear fiery orange.

The main exercise for today was making the bezels. You can buy bezel wire, but I like to cut my own out of sheet metal (26g fine silver) that’s a little heavier than the bezel wire you can buy. It took some practice and “oh, yeah, that’s how that works” to get the first one right, then the second one was easy.

Now I just have to think about how I want the actual piece to be arranged. I have some ideas, but I’m going to let it percolate overnight.

The stones aren’t actually set yet, that’s the very last thing that happens. In this picture they are just resting in their bezels.

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MD3 Jump Rings

Today’s project was not glamorous. It was making useful components for other stuff. Specifically, sterling silver jump rings.

Wait, can’t you buy those? Yes you can, but I’d rather not. I like making my own, not least because it’s a useful skill to have. As long as I have wire I can make whatever jump rings I need.

What do I do with them? For one thing, I make chains out of them that I then use to make bracelets and necklaces. See my gallery page for some examples! I also use them for the ends of chains where you attach the clasp, and in general anywhere I need to connect two things together.

The process to make the jump rings is simple but requires care. The first step is winding wire around a dowel of the desired size, and it needs to be tight. Today I used 18g sterling wire around a 4mm brass tube. That coil then comes off the dowel and gets annealed with the torch. Then back on the dowel to get tightened up again, to ensure the results are uniform. After that, I use my Jump Ringer to cut right down one side and end up with usable rings. At least in theory, right? Turns out the saw blade in my Jump Ringer is pretty trashed, and left burs on the first coil I cut. They can be filed off, BUT. So I ordered a new saw blade and when it gets here I’ll cut the rest of the coils I made today.

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MD2 Simple Mother-of-Pearl Earrings

Today’s project was a simple pair of earrings. I got my torch hooked up today (Smith Little Torch, oxygen & propane) so I wanted to use it.

I took 20 gauge sterling silver wire and cut several 4.25″ lengths, then used my torch to bead up one end of each & make head pins. My old paste flux was completely unusable, but I have some Batterns which is better anyway so I used that. That just helps make sure there’s no firestain on the end result.

Then I have these gorgeous mother-of-pearl beads – they are just over a half-inch across. I put one each on two wires and then bent them gently into an earring shape. I love that look! To strengthen the wires, I then put them in my Lortone tumbler with mixed shot & burnishing compound for 45 minutes. I wasn’t entirely sure the beads would hold up to that…but Yes! They did.

The end result is simple, elegant, and lovely.

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