A Morning in San Cristobal and the End of Our Cruise

Sea lions dozing in the shade

On our last morning, we spent a couple of hours in the town of San Cristobal, which is on the island of San Cristobal, which has an airport. It’s a lovely little town, with some great public art, and we really enjoyed strolling the main drag. There are a LOT of sea lions and iguanas lolling around next to the ocean there.

Iguanas dozing in the sun






We said our goodbyes to the cruise staff who got us and all our stuff to the right place at the right time. As we waited for our flight in the very noisy waiting area, we were very grateful to our Spanish cruise friends Elsa and Heri who could translate the announcements so we knew when our flight was called.

A giant statue of a shrimp

After that it was an uneventful trip to Quito, where we were met by Wilson and Mauricio once again to bring us to our hotel. We will see them again in just a few hours as our flight out is at 6:00 am. They will pick us up at 3:20 am. So even though it’s not even 9:00 yet, we are just about asleep.

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