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There are many ways to describe someone, aren’t there? Almost all are “external” descriptions: what we look like, what we do, where we live, and so on. So if you are curious, here are some things about my life.

Blue-Faced Leicester / Silk blend two colors carded with Sari Silk and spun

Blue-Faced Leicester / Silk blend. Two colors carded with Sari Silk and spun

Fiber!! In October of 2014, I learned to use a spinning wheel. I spin pretty much every day, and as I get better, I have more fun. Playing with color and texture is a trip, and learning to control that adds JOY to my life. Plus spinning itself is very meditative, and is a calm center in my days.

Pietersite and Silver Pendant

Pietersite and Silver Pendant with a forged bail



I work with silver and other metals to create jewelry and the occasional small sculpture, incorporating glass, stone, wood, and other materials as well.




My Husband

Mick wearing the gift I gave him for our 16th wedding anniversary.




I am deeply in love with my husband of over 23 years. How could I not NOT love someone who told me this Lucha Libre mask is the best gift he ever got?






I am spiritually restless. I am uncomfortable with organized religion of any sort, but there is a deep spiritual core that I cannot / will not abandon.



Hooping with my LED Hoop



I love music, movement and dance. I am a gym rat at heart. I dance with wild abandon. Little by little I am learning to hoop dance and that is a joyful thing.


In the hot springs at Tabacon , Costa Rica

In the hot springs at Tabacon , Costa Rica



I love to travel. The world is a fascinating place and I want to experience more of it.




I am daughter, sister, aunt, cousin in an amazingly varied family.

But who is the “real” person, the one inside all the masks? Well, that’s what this blog is for. So I can tell my stories, the ones that tell who I am, to the world. My letters to the universe.

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  1. Catherine Baket says:

    I enjoyed reading about you! Very true about ourselves, isn’t it? I look forward to reading more Ann:)

  2. Arran says:

    Such a visually creative and elegantly written blog. Could spend hours here.

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