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My New Love – Encaustic Painting

I just got back from another wonderful class at John C. Campbell Folk School – this time it was encaustic painting. Now, I am not a painter, per se. My only 2D art endeavors are collage and making my own … Continue reading

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Two Hours a Day – Who Knew?

My new schedule of “no electronics in the morning, 2-3 hours making art first thing” is successful beyond anything I expected! By having this time every day, I am able to give myself permission to do just so much, then … Continue reading

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Paper Arts in the New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! In this new year, I am focusing on how to spend the right amount of time making art every day. Too little, and I feel like I’ve missed out as time whips by. Too much, and … Continue reading

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Ending Another Year

They just fly by so quickly, don’t they? It’s been 6 months already since my surgery that I talked about in my last post. I have healed well, although I still have pretty gnarly-looking incisions. Apparently it will be another … Continue reading

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The Years of Lightening Up

Some of you will remember that my mother died just over two years ago, and that has prompted a huge evaluation of my life and honoring of my own mortality. If I have (with luck) a third of my life … Continue reading

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Creative Play for the New Year

Color and texture are my primary loves in all my creative endeavors. So I was completely captivated a while back when I ran across a little book called Stitch Alchemy: Combining Fabric + Paper for Mixed Media Arts by Kelli … Continue reading

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Wow. 2020.

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? I realize that I’m seriously behind here so this will be a catch-up post. And I promise I’ll do better in the future. I already posted about the Quarantine Lace Shawl – I … Continue reading

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The Class Project

I’m a student now at the University of South Carolina, because I’m retired and have time AND, more importantly, people 60+ can take classes for no tuition. Last term I took a 3-D Design class, which was fun because we … Continue reading

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Spinning the First SAFF Batt

It’s always such an adventure to spin a new batt. The very nature of batt creation means each one will be unique. In my last post, I mentioned the batts I got at SAFF this year. The first one I … Continue reading

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This Year’s SAFF Loot – Spinning Fiber

As I’ve mentioned in the past, SAFF (the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair) is hands-down my favorite place to buy fiber for spinning. The choices! The colors! And at that show, my favorite fiber vendor is the Trading Post for Fiber … Continue reading

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