Two Hours a Day – Who Knew?

My new schedule of “no electronics in the morning, 2-3 hours making art first thing” is successful beyond anything I expected!

By having this time every day, I am able to give myself permission to do just so much, then stop, knowing I can pick up again the next day. This is incredibly freeing. Not getting distracted by Facebook or email or a book or the news means I get started on creative ventures early, and by midday I’ve accomplished enough to feel satisfied. I can happily move on to other things.

Paper Dyed with India Ink

Papers Dyed with India Ink

Paper beads and a quote by Sir Francis Bacon printed then dyed

Paper beads and a quote by Sir Francis Bacon printed then dyed

This week I’ve done more dyeing of paper with India ink, and started making paper beads with the results. I like these very much and while I’m making them I’m thinking about ways to use them.

I’ve also found that when I print with my ink-jet printer on mixed-media paper, the results are waterproof! That paper can be dyed, glued, etc. without bleeding.


Which opens up a whole other universe of possibility, because now my digital art skills can come into play. My first project will be a set of Inspiration Cards printed, dyed, and collaged to paper cloth. Yes, I am stealing like an artist (thank you Austin Kleon) with this idea – inspired by a project idea in Stitch Alchemy by Kelli Perkins.

I think I have to delve into paper folding soon too, especially to make pop-up shapes. It’s just all too much fun. Cheers until next time.

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