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There are many ways to describe someone, aren’t there? Almost all are “external” descriptions: what we look like, what we do, where we live, and so on. So if you are curious, here are some things about my life.

Blue-Faced Leicester / Silk blend two colors carded with Sari Silk and spun

Blue-Faced Leicester / Silk blend. Two colors carded with Sari Silk and spun

Fiber!! In October of 2014, I learned to use a spinning wheel. I spin pretty much every day, and as I get better, I have more fun. Playing with color and texture is a trip, and learning to control that adds JOY to my life. Plus spinning itself is very meditative, and is a calm center in my days.



My former home away from home

For a living, well, I don’t actually have to work for a living any more. I’ve retired and can now devote time to things like sleep, reading,  my fiber obsession, and working out. One of these days I’ll get back to my silver workbench, as well.




My Husband

Mick wearing the gift I gave him for our 16th wedding anniversary.




I am deeply in love with my husband of over 23 years. How could I not NOT love someone who told me this Lucha Libre mask is the best gift he ever got?






I am spiritually restless. I am uncomfortable with organized religion of any sort, but there is a deep spiritual core that I cannot / will not abandon.



Hooping with my LED Hoop



I love music, movement and dance. I am a gym rat at heart. I dance with wild abandon. Little by little I am learning to hoop dance and that is a joyful thing.


In the hot springs at Tabacon , Costa Rica

In the hot springs at Tabacon , Costa Rica



I love to travel. The world is a fascinating place and I want to experience more of it.


Pietersite and Silver Pendant

Pietersite and Silver Pendant with a forged bail




I work with silver and other metals to create jewelry and the occasional small sculpture, incorporating glass, stone, wood, and other materials as well.





I am daughter, sister, aunt, cousin in an amazingly varied family.

But who is the “real” person, the one inside all the masks? Well, that’s what this blog is for. So I can tell my stories, the ones that tell who I am, to the world. My letters to the universe.

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3 Responses to About Me

  1. Catherine Baket says:

    I enjoyed reading about you! Very true about ourselves, isn’t it? I look forward to reading more Ann:)

  2. Arran says:

    Such a visually creative and elegantly written blog. Could spend hours here.

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