MD2 Simple Mother-of-Pearl Earrings

Today’s project was a simple pair of earrings. I got my torch hooked up today (Smith Little Torch, oxygen & propane) so I wanted to use it.

I took 20 gauge sterling silver wire and cut several 4.25″ lengths, then used my torch to bead up one end of each & make head pins. My old paste flux was completely unusable, but I have some Batterns which is better anyway so I used that. That just helps make sure there’s no firestain on the end result.

Then I have these gorgeous mother-of-pearl beads – they are just over a half-inch across. I put one each on two wires and then bent them gently into an earring shape. I love that look! To strengthen the wires, I then put them in my Lortone tumbler with mixed shot & burnishing compound for 45 minutes. I wasn’t entirely sure the beads would hold up to that…but Yes! They did.

The end result is simple, elegant, and lovely.

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