100 Days of Spinning – Day 21

Today I spun some, finished the bobbin of Blue Leicester that I’ve been working on this week. Then I plied the three bobbins I had ready. I’m posting a little picture narrative of the plying process.

Wind it onto the ball winder to get a center pull ball.


First, wind the yarn onto the ball winder

Take both ends and fasten them to the plying bobbin. Use the spinning wheel to twist the strands together.


Next, hold the two ends together and feed them into the spinning wheel, using it to twist the strands

Next, unwind the plied yarn onto the niddy noddy. Tie each of the legs with yarn.


When that's done, unwind onto the niddy noddy

To set the spin, soak the yarn in hot water for 20 minutes.


To set the spin, soak in hot water for 20 min

Then hang to dry.


Then hang to dry

Until tomorrow.

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