100 Days of Spinning – Day 26

I promise I am not showing the same pictures over and over! Every day I take a new picture of that day’s work… they look a lot the same because I am working my way through a pound of this Blue Leicester wool. At around an ounce a day, or a little less, that’s a couple of weeks (really a bit more). I’m more than half way through it, then I have another pound of practice wool of a different sort, and after THAT another pound and another half-pound! Each a different kind. THEN maybe I’ll trust myself to try the good stuff. The beautiful stuff. Yeah.

Anyway, I worked hard today to keep the yarn even, and I think I did better. Although when I spin at the end of the day, like today, I find myself drifting a bit, mentally, after a while and then I get into trouble. Autopilot just isn’t as good, yet, as it will be when I get more focused practice under my belt.

Until tomorrow.


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