100 Days of Spinning – Day 28

I’m almost at the end of the Blue Leicester wool, and I’ve decided that the next time I ply I’m going to try a three-ply yarn, and use the Lazy Kate that came with my spinning wheel. What’s a Lazy Kate? It holds bobbins of spun fiber, and allows you to pull evenly from each bobbin as you ply. At least, that’s the theory. This one has “tensioning”, which is good, it helps keep the process under control.

So, in the interest of seeing if I can make the three come out more or less the same length, I weighed out the rest of the wool so I have about the same amount for each of the other two bobbins as I have spun on this one. Today’s practice went well, by the way, I’m really doing better at keeping the size even on a consistent basis and going a LOT faster with it.

Today’s picture shows the bobbin from the last few days of spinning on its spindle on the Lazy Kate.

Until tomorrow.


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