100 Days of Spinning – Day 30

Today feels like longer than 30 days since I started this. Today’s practice went MUCH better than yesterday, thank goodness. I noticed that I’ve been spinning thinner again – not really on purpose, but now with more control than I had before. So we’ll see what happens when I ply it – am I just kidding myself? Will I have the breakage that I had before?

But really, I prefer the thinner size. I’m pretty sure when I do the 3-ply with the thinner yarn, it will give me the worsted weight I want. So it’s sort of nice to have the option – 2-ply for DK weight, 3-ply for worsted. And I know people spin even THINNER – I was reading someone’s blog where she talked about spinning so thin that at 2-ply it was lace weight. Yikes! Right now I can barely imagine doing that.

Until tomorrow.


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