100 Days of Spinning – Day 35

I felt like I was spinning in slow motion today. I was very focused on being as even as possible, and on my joins. They tend to be lumpy, and if I’m going to have a problem with the yarn pulling apart, that’s where it’s going to happen. So I divided up my wool so that I have to join more often.

I did three 1/2 ounce bobbins, then plied them using the Lazy Kate. On the plus side, I did MUCH better with the Kate today. I think I finally have that figured out. On the minus side, I had one join pull apart. So there’s about an 8-10 inch length that’s only 2-ply. There was really no way I was willing to go back and un-ply the 2 strands that twisted before I caught it, so the third strand just joined back in. Oh well.

Until tomorrow.


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