100 Days of Spinning – Day 40

There is no picture today. I decided to ply the yarn I’ve been working on this week, and it turned into a complete f*cking mess. I ended up throwing it away.

I’m pretty sure one of my problems was due to not enough spin on the yarn, from going too slow. Remember earlier in the week when I wrote about spinning in slow motion, to try to be even? Well, I had a big problem with the yarn not holding together and I’m pretty sure that was the part, from those days.

Also, I was trying to ply from a center pull ball, as I had done so successfully several times with the Blue Leicester. I now believe that is a bad idea with this type of yarn, and I won’t do it again. Next time even for 2-ply I’ll do it from bobbins.

So. In the interest of getting “back on the horse”, I spun a little more after that. I am using a smaller whorl this time, to get more spin on the fibers.

Until tomorrow.

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