100 Days of Spinning – Day 47

It isn’t very glamorous, is it, the daily discipline of practice? The blow-by-blow “yes, I did it again today” with improvements and mistakes, good days and bad, frustrations and joy.

However, I’m not doing any of this for glamor or excitement. Well, maybe ultimately I’ll be able to spin glamorous exciting yarn, and make glamorous exciting things out of it. But “this” – the blog posts about my daily practice – this is about something else entirely.

In our “instant gratification” society, it’s really easy to forget that learning a new SKILL takes time, and practice. LOTS of practice. By publicly documenting, every day, that I am putting in the effort, I’m walking the walk. Maybe someone else will be encouraged to try something new and fun, whatever that might be, and not despair when they are not very good at it at first.

Until tomorrow.


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