100 days of Spinning – Day 81

Hard to believe it’s been almost three months since I started this whole thing. On the other hand, it seems like I’ve been doing this for a long time. Funny how time perception works, isn’t it?

I am close to finishing the third bobbin now. This week has just been crazy, back in the full swing of work and exercise and teaching and clients and everything. But it’s OK, because I am doing things I love and fewer and fewer of the things that drive me crazy. And more importantly, not stressing over any of it. Except work, where it’s the nature of the beast.

On a fun note, I’ve discovered that Ravelry now lets you have a “Handspun” section where you can put your spinning projects and link them to things you’re making, like the Callicarpa scarf. Yay!

Until tomorrow.


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