100 Days of Spinning – Day 90

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

I’ve finished the Falklands- spinning and plying, and YES I have enough to do the long version of the Callicarpa scarf. I’m SO pleased about that!

My husband pointed out the other day how delightful it is that for just a few dollars – less than $20 – I have gotten weeks of enjoyment AND will end up with a gorgeous scarf made of delicious fiber that feels amazing to the touch. How great is that??!!

And one of my friends commented the other day (Catherine!!) how this makes her think about how clothes used to ALWAYS be made. Fabric was precious, because it was made by hand, and took many, many hours of work. Spinning wheels were invented less than 1000 years ago – before that, yarn was created by hand spindles. A VERY slow process compared to the wheel, which itself is not quick.

Tomorrow I will start the green Fusion, which is merino wool. A different fiber that requires a higher twist than I’ve used so far, so I’ll be experimenting a bit with the first part of it. Until then.


The last 3-ply Falklands

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