100 Days of Spinning – Day 94

Tonight I plied the 2 singles of the merino, and I now have a good illustration of what “underplied” looks like when checking balance in yarn. I had been confused about which direction of twist in the final skein means what (my right-left dyslexia does NOT help!!!) and I had to spend some quality time on the internet researching that.

I finally found some pictures that were clear and helpful, so I’ve got ammunition for my next sample. Yay for practice!

You can see in tonight’s picture how the bottom of the skein twists to the right – this means I needed to put more twist in the plying process. Since I clearly have a lot to learn here, I’m going to use slightly smaller samples of wool. I’ve been spinning 5 grams each singles for this, but 3 gram chunks will do just fine until I get this nailed.

Until tomorrow.


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