100 Days of Spinning – Day 96

Another night of merino mini-sample. I spun 2 more bobbins of about 2 grams each and plied them. I had planned to use 11 treadles per “pull”, but decided to do 12 instead. My thinking was, 3-ply is going to give me closer to the weight I want, and 3-ply needs a bit tighter ply than 2-ply. So I wanted to see what 12 treadles does on the 2-ply.

So you can imagine my frustration when today’s sample came out just like yesterday’s. I found nothing helpful on the internet. So just to see what would happen, I took yesterday’s sample and put it through the spinning wheel again, this time on the regular spinning whorl at 12:1 instead of the plying head. Which only goes to 9:1. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t come out balanced.

Now, I’m not interested in plying everything twice, even if the second one is just a quick “run it through”. So for tomorrow’s experiment, I will be plying using the regular head instead of the plying head, and see what happens.


Yesterday's re-plied yarn - look! No twist!

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