100 Days of Spinning – Day 98

Today I swatched the OMG-it-finally-balances! merino 2-ply from yesterday. I did that before spinning more so I could see how I like it. I’ve found that swatching can reveal things about the yarn that are not otherwise apparent. I’m happy with the yarn as such…you can see that the swatch looks pretty good. The thickness came out at 15 WPI, which is fingering weight, and I knitted this on size 3 needles.


What I’m less happy about is that the gorgeous streaks of color that attracted me to this wool in the first place are completely hidden in the result. It’s a pretty green, but I was hoping for more variation in the final product.


The wool with its pretty streaks

Next I spun 3 mini-bobbins and plied them together to check that result before I settle in to doing bigger chunks at a time. That’s drying now, than I’ll check the wraps-per-inch


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