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I have about three different spinning “projects” going on right now. I started off a couple of weeks ago making hand-carded blends with Sweet Georgia Yarns BFL-Silk fiber. So lovely! But I couldn’t keep up with the swatching so I took a little break from that so I could get those done.

In the meantime, I have a pound of Falklands, so I decided to spin that, thicker gauge than last time. Which was 11 WPI in a three-ply, so pretty fine. I’d like to do something closer to worsted as a two-ply. So I did a sample of that, but haven’t swatched that yet either to see if I like it knitted up.

So what AM I spinning? I have an 8 ounce braid of BFL-Silk blend from Frabjous Fibers that I had spun a little of before, but not a lot. I am spinning that now and will use it to practice Navaho plying. That’s a way to make a three-ply yarn from a single bobbin. By the time I get done with that, hopefully I will be caught up on all those swatches and ready to go with my other projects.

Until next time.


2 different carded blends, some Falklands, and a bobbin of BFL-Silk blend

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