Another Thanksgiving has come and gone

Four-day weekends are amazing. That last day (today!) feels like an extra bonus day to relax.

This was a nice, peaceful holiday. I had a “first” – first time ever baking pumpkins to make pie instead of using canned. All I can say is WOW – totally worth the small extra effort.

As I have done for several years now, I tweeted things all day Thursday that I’m thankful for. I love the spiritual connection that deepens through the day as I do that.

I got almost all the household “stuff” done yesterday, so today I will relax, so a little cooking, a little knitting, and get in some spinning practice. That would be with fiber, using my drop spindle. I’m not very good yet, but I will get there.

By the way, I updated my “About Me” page.  Go check it out!

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