Chan Chich is Amazing!

Our day started with a delicious breakfast out on the lanai of the dining hall. Then we met with Kris, who was our guide for all three of our tours today.

In the morning, we took a tour of the Gallon Jug Estate, which is the larger property that includes Chan Chich. Among other things, they grow their own chickens and ducks (and yes they have access to pasture), cattle, coffee, fruits, and vegetables. They also have horses and beehives. The bees are Africanized, which makes them hardier and have sweeter honey.
Pretty much all of these things, except the coffee, are for their own consumption. They pride themselves on being farm-to-table and as self-sufficient as possible.

We also saw something totally new to me – brown cotton trees! The Maya people used those fibers for clothing and other textiles. We are talking TALL trees, not little bushes like white cotton grows on. It’s real name is the Ceiba tree (pronounced say-ba). It is the national tree of Guatemala, and is also known as the Mayan Tree of Life.

After lunch Kris took us on an archeology walk around the lodge. The lodge buildings are located in what used to be the plaza of a Mayan settlement, which has been mapped out by archeologists. So you can walk around to the various temples, dwellings, and see how it was all laid out.

We were extremely sweaty by then, so we took a swim in that lovely pool before getting ready for dinner. After another lovely meal, we went on a night drive, hoping to see nocturnal wildlife. We saw a Mexican Red Rump Tarantula, several varieties of birds, and lots of deer.

Tomorrow is our one remaining full day here, and in the morning we are doing a Medicinal Plants tour.

Today’s pictures are of the beehives and the Ceiba tree.


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    Sounds lovely.

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    The brown cotton tree would be so interesting see. Have a grand trip!

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