English 101 Open Genre Literacy Project

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These images are an overview of my life for the past three years as well as a look into the future.

Image 1: Embracing Mortality and making the most of the time we have left.

My mother’s death three years ago was a huge wake-up call. What am I doing with the rest of my life? My husband and I have no illusions about how this all ends.

Image 2: Opening Horizons – Things I’m learning and the places and groups where I’m learning them

Since my mother died, I’ve enrolled at USC, taken classes at John C Campbell Folk School and the Columbia Arts Center, and joined the Cayce Arts Guild. The women of my fiber arts guild are my tribe and a constant source of inspiration.

Image 3: Looking ahead – So many projects, so little time!

I plan to keep making jewelry and learning new techniques for metal, as well as expanding into paper arts, bookbinding, and felting. Luminaria, anyone?

Image 4: Someday, again, travel.

There’s fun in Columbia but a whole world waiting to be experienced. Travel is an excellent way to keep sharp and appreciate just how incredible this gorgeous planet is. Places I’d like to go include Asia, Africa, South America, and more of the American West.


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