Happy Thanksgiving – Turkey & Spinning

On Thanksgiving every year, I tweet throughout the day some of the the things I am #thankful for. I love that for at least one day, I focus on those things that make life worthwhile.

We had a quiet turkey dinner, I made mashed potatoes and my favorite collard greens recipe, and we had the most delicious Cumberland sauce that my friend Beth gave us. I have never had Cumberland sauce, before – this version was made with cranberries and pomegranate juice, and is outstanding.

Later in the day, I spun for a while. This month’s Sweet Georgia Yarn club was a superwash Merino-nylon blend designed for sock yarn, and that’s the suggested spinning method for it. So I’m making 3-ply fingering weight, which means spinning very thin. It was nice to find that my hands and brain remember how to spin that way – the little techniques that are necessary to ensure there’s enough twist in the fiber to keep it from falling apart. The colorway is named Frozen Grapes, so as you can imagine it’s lovely shades of purple and green.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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