I don’t want to like Yoga. There. I said it.

Work is brutally busy and stressful right now.

Mick and I are making no progress on the design for our new house-to-be.

I’ll be 59 in just a few weeks, and I feel like this upcoming year is going to be pivotal as big changes come my way and I approach my next decade.

More than ever, I have so many things I want to be getting done, but somehow all the drive and organizational skills I use so successfully at work evaporate the minute I get home.

And while the exercise I get is certainly helpful in many ways, it is NOT helping me with any of those problems.

So, what am I to do? These last couple of weeks, I have been forced to look at all this and start making some choices. I am finding that taking more tender care of myself is becoming a necessity, not just an “oh wouldn’t it be nice…”. I have to have some breathing room.

Last Thursday night, I got a massage for the first time in way too long. It was amazing, and I will go back to her again soon. And Friday morning, I looked up the schedule at Southern Sky Yoga JUST to see what they might have available, and sure enough they have a TGIF class at 6:30 on Friday. So I signed up – and paid for it – online in advance. That way I’d be sure to go. And I’ll be darned if it wasn’t great. See, I have this resistance to yoga. I don’t want to like it. It seems like EVERYBODY does yoga, and I have never wanted to follow the herd. But the luminous Sri Mati’s yoga classes at HoopPath have opened my heart year after year. Other classes I’ve taken from local instructors have always had more impact than I expected on my sense of well-being. So in spite of the fact that I don’t want to like it, yoga is sidling in to a place in my life. Phooey.

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