It’s Enough to Drive You Batt-y

There are some things that have irritated me about the current batts I’m spinning, yes, those lovely art batts. For one, the yellow fibers don’t play nice with the other fibers. They don’t draft well together, and the yellow tends to clump up. I keep having to stop and untwist and pull some other fibers up into the drafting. For another, there are largish chunks of the batt that are not that organized in terms of fiber direction. To spin, you want all your fibers going in more or less in the same direction. In these chunks, they really are not.

So tonight, I did two things. First, I pulled out the chunky mixed up areas separately and sort of straightened each one out by hand so they’d be easier to spin. Then, in those fiber bundles, I looked for the yellow fibers and pulled them apart across the fiber bundle so they wouldn’t clump up so much.

Neither of those things were completely successful, but they did make a big difference. And what’s left of the batt is more or less free of the chunky areas, so tomorrow night should be easier. I should be able to finish it off.

Until tomorrow.


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