MD7 Feels Like Cheating…

After just a week of getting back into working at my bench, it already feels like cheating to make something that doesn’t directly require a torch or a power tool.

But my commitment is to do SOMETHING at my bench every day, and today was just a really full day. So I needed a quick little project that would still engage my creative spirit.

I decided to make another pair of earrings in the same style as the Mother-of-Pearl ones I made the other day, only using little silver beads sandwiched with these cool little square ceramic beads. I’m really happy with the way they came out, but I can’t finish them yet because I have to play around with a way to add some sort of crimp bead to keep the beads in place. And the tool I need to do that is at the other house.


But here’s how far I got today.

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