Mohair! And Rolags!

Today was excellent. We learned how to use hand cards to blend fibers and make rolags, than spin them using the long draw method. This was all brand new for me and very exciting. After that we used kid mohair locks to make cloud yarn, which is another type of soft core yarn.


My first rolag


Hand cards with wool & bamboo


Spun wool & bamboo


Cloud yarn

In the afternoon, we practiced spinning to different diameters, and spun mohair top to a fat diameter, then used that to make boucle.


Boucle in progress


Completed boucle

Last but not least, I was able to spin my two silk bobbins using the center-pull ball method. Yay!


Until tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Mohair! And Rolags!

  1. Catherine Baker says:

    It appears you are enjoying the hands on! Great spins! Keep going:)

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