My Daily Spin – Saturday Silk

Last night I was on a roll – I drafted out 3 hankies’ worth of silk. Today I spun about half of that. I am getting more used to this fiber. It will be very interesting to see how it come out in the end. I might have mentioned before that this form of silk is quite slubby when spun, or at least the way I am spinning it. The pictures in my book about spinning silk bear out that I’m not the only one! One of the challenges is where the skin on my hands is a little rough, the fibers stick as they are VERY fine. It’s not really a problem while actually spinning, but handling the fiber itself prior to spinning and when joining is a bit tricky.

My plan is to spin each of the three packets of hankies on separate bobbins – they’re pretty close to the same weight – and then ply them together. This packet is primarily gold, as you see in the pictures. Of the other two, one is gold and blue, and the other is blue and purple. So I think they’ll be quite pretty together. Plying will also help even out the slubbiness some.

I definitely won’t finish this fiber before I head to John C Campbell next Sunday!

Until tomorrow.


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