My Daily Spin – The Rest of the Silk

Now that I’ve figured out the ratios I want to use with this Tussah silk, I’ve decided to go ahead and spin the rest of it (just under 3 ounces) into three more-or-less-equal bobbins and ply them together as one long skein. That will keep me busy for a while.

I enjoy the process of figuring out a new fiber – how to spin it, how to ply it, swatching to see what it knits like – BUT those things don’t leave me a lot of other time for my other projects. Like the red “I will never knit a sport-weight sweater again” sweater. And the Callicarpa scarf that I am knitting with that lovely Falklands I spun a while back. And the at least 2 or 3 swatches of other spun fibers that are waiting for me to get to them.

So I’m looking forward to some time where I can just come in and spin for a while with a familiar fiber, then go do something else.

Until tomorrow.


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