My Daily Spin – The Silk Hankies

I was home sick from work today, and spent most of the day sleeping. But I did ply the art batt – it came out very floofy from the soak. It’s very pretty, and It will be fun figuring out what I want to do with it. I have a book about knitting from smaller quantities of yarn and putting garments together, I have to dig that out again.

I started on the hankies. These are created from a cocoon that is stretched out on a frame and dried to hold that shape. These ones that I have are dyed, I’m not sure where in the process that happens. To spin them, you take one layer, poke a hole in it, and then s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out from there into a big circle. When it’s stretched enough, you break it at one point and spin from that. I’m surprised at how long it gets when you do that, at least 5 or 6 feet. There was sort of an extra little wad of fiber in the package that I spun first, just to see what it was like. This is going to be fun.

Until tomorrow.


The art batt


Stretched out silk hankie

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