On To Placencia, and the Beach

We were sad to leave Chan Chich this morning, it is such a wonderful, peaceful place. An Ocellated Turkey hen posed for one final picture – you can really see her beautiful coloring and little “beaded headdress”. Our flight to Placencia, on the southeast coast, was uneventful. This part of Belize is quite different from the northwest in a number of ways. Of course, it’s a beach culture, and far more touristy. The population here is mostly Mestizo (mixed Spanish and indigenous), Garifuna (mixed African and indigenous), and Creole (mixed African and European). On our way to our resort, we stopped at a grocery store, where I was bemused by the sign for the chemist. 

The first real issues we had on our whole trip were here at the Naia resort. We had a reservation for a beach cabin, which to our minds meant a cabin on the beach. What we got instead was a cabin away from the water, with just a tiny sliver of a view of the beach. Hell, no. So we politely protested, and ended up in a smaller cabin but it is right on the beach, and has a lovely view of the water. Sadly, however, the water here has a severe algae bloom at the shoreline, so you really don’t want to go in the water. But it’s beautiful to look at. The final picture today is of the full moon over the Caribbean, taken right outside our door. 

Tomorrow, we have an early-morning outing to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow night!


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  1. Nancy Leicht says:

    The turkey feathers are spectacular! Looks like your palette.

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