One Fractal Down, on to the Next

When I started the Apples fractal project, I chose to make the yarn end up as a two-ply lace weight yarn. I have a lot of knitting patterns for lace weight yarn, and merino fiber is a really lovely fiber to work with. The sneaky lesson waiting for me was how much longer it takes to do lace weight as opposed to what I normally spin, which is fingering or sock weight two-ply. As you would expect, the thinner the yarn, the longer it takes to spin and ply. Combine that with a move and a thousand other things suddenly taking my attention, and what I could have accomplished in one month ended up taking more like four. Nevertheless, it’s finally done, and I’m very happy with the final yarn.

What’s next, you ask? Wellllllll…… I have another braid of the same merino, dyed in a different (and lovelier) colorway. I’m in the groove of spinning this particular fiber the way I want it, and that’s no small thing. So I decided to just keep on keeping on, and give a nod and a promise to all the OTHER lovely fiber that’s waiting for me.

I’m doing this one as a fractal project, too – the dye pattern is different from the first one and I’m interested to see how it comes out.

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