Settling in for a Long Haul – a Pound of Merino Silk Blend

I’m switching gears in my spinning for a while. I like making the wool/sari silk rolags, but I feel like doing something else for a while. One of the fiber purchases I made last year at SAFF was a pound of merino-silk blend – multi-colored – as one of my “incentive” purchases, to inspire me to put in the work that has paid off so richly. I actually bought two different colorways of the same blend – I already spun the other one. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll remember that the lovely fallish colors pretty much grayed out in the spun/plied result. It was good practice, BUT.

So I kind of put off this one, afraid I wouldn’t like the result. However, I’m happy to report that it’s really quite lovely. The fiber is more blue/purple, and it’s spinning to be a silvery-purple-blue look. I like it.

I’m using this as more practice at spinning to a steady diameter. I’ve got my sample to compare back to. It’s nice to be able to just sit down and spin. Since it’s not that exciting, I may not blog about spinning for a while. But you’ll know that I’m getting my time at the wheel in every day.

Until next time.


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