So Many Animals

I have to apologize up front for this being a sketchy kind of post. It’s been a huge day, and we get up early tomorrow for another huge day. I promise I will do a photo journal post at the end with better details.

Mick and Ann in Kenya, with a mama elephant and her baby in the background

Mick and Ann in Kenya, with a mama elephant and her baby in the background

Today we flew from Nairobi to Laikipia, about a 45-minute flight. This area is a combination of open plains and scrub land. The landing strip was gravel, and there was one tiny building. Zebras and gazelles greeted us on landing. We split into three groups and boarded the three Land Cruisers that awaited us. The three-hour drive to Mutara Camp was full of wildlife, and we stopped and watched and took pictures the whole way. Our driver was Dennis, and he not only drove, but spotted animals and birds for us. Our companions were fun and interesting. Susana kindly took a picture of Mick and me with elephants in the background, which I’ve posted.

On that drive, animal life included elephants (a family group), Thompson’s gazelles, wart hogs, zebras, Cape buffalo, white rhinos, elands, impalas, reticulated giraffes, jackals, and Grant’s gazelles. Birds included lilac-breasted rollers, crowned plovers, superb sparrows (which have the most gorgeous blue wings and are indeed superb), a Kori Bustard, Egyptian geese, and Guinea fowl.

Our “tent” at Mutara Camp

Our “tent” at Mutara Camp

Our accommodations at Mutara Camp are truly luxurious.

After lunch at the camp and a little break, out we went again for another game drive. More elephants, this time 8 single males, a black-headed heron, a hyena, some Olive baboons (which sleep at night in utility towers), some Dasa waterboks, and THREE LIONESSES!!! A mother and her two half grown daughters. Incredible.

Tomorrow will bring a whole new set of adventures.

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