The Hummingbird Center

Today’s highlight was visiting the Hummingbird Center, which is part of Mashpi. It’s located a little ways away from main lodge and higher up, primarily so that it can attract hummingbirds from higher elevations as well.

Hummingbird feeding from a hand-held feeder

It is completely open air with just a covered shelter in case it’s raining. They have a number of hanging feeders with sugar water as well as little feeders that you can hold in your hand. The hummingbirds will come sit on your hand and eat! (Mick, of course, put one on top of his head…) In this picture, the hummingbird did not land to eat, and its little wings are beating so fast you can’t even see them in the photo. The whole experience was magical.


Mick with a hummingbird on his head



When we got back to the lodge, I took a walk and took pictures with my Nikon of the amazing plants right outside the door. I can’t wait to get those pictures on my computer.



A living leaf that has additional vegetation growing on it


After lunch, Mick and I got a couples massage at the spa here – so relaxing! I chilled for a while then went another walk and took pictures with my phone. This is our last full day here, and these will show you some of the lush surroundings. Also, I’m including a picture of the juvenile viper we saw last night on the night walk and one of the little frogs we saw. 

Tomorrow we head back to Quito so we can fly to the Galápagos Islands Tuesday morning. 

Ferns, moss, and other little plants

    Juvenile viper (night photo)

A little frog (night photo)

Trees dripping with Spanish Moss

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