Valuable Lessons

There was a lot of swearing at my wheel tonight. I plied all the merino/silk blend that I spun over the last week, very nearly 4 ounces on one bobbin. I had thought to do it all via center-pull ball, since the only limitation, as such, is will it wind onto the ball-winder. And I knew it would, at least size-wise.

BUT this fiber is slippery enough that after about 3 ounces it wouldn’t hold in position, and slipped to the top to wind around the center core. Which will not work. So I had to break it and do it in two chunks. So, lesson 1.

Lesson 2: this particular fiber does NOT do well with that plying method. In particular the outer strand kept tangling at the bottom with other strands that slipped down.

So, for the rest I will spin onto separate bobbins and ply from them directly.

Until next time.


Plied merino/silk blend, still wet so a bit dark

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