View from a (bigger) Cubicle

That’s right, I have a new cube and it’s HUGE by cubicle standards!! By far the biggest and nicest I’ve ever had.

This is my old cube. It is 6 ft by 9 ft, but 3 of those 9 feet are shelves. As you can see, the desk space is pretty limited and all the space is right there on the aisle.

This is my new cube. It’s basically a double-wide, 12 ft by 9 ft. WAY more usable desk space, AND you can walk in and move around. I can have little meetings in there, which is really convenient.

Plus there’s room for all my toys and pictures, the things that make life in a cubicle bearable. This move is also significant because for the first time in a couple of years, I have just one cube. I’ve had cubes in more than one building for a while, and hardly spent any time at all in my “home” cube. I felt a lot like a hermit crab, especially for the last few months. So it’s nice to be all in one place. Although I am secretly afraid that it won’t last, I am truly allowing myself to enjoy it in the moment.

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