Walking Around in Downtown San Jose

Monday, May 9

We walked a lot today.

There are several outdoor pedestrian malls, and we slathered on sunscreen and walked a bunch of them. We also went to the Central Market, which was wonderful and amazing and had foods I have never seen before. It reminded me of Pike Place Market in that many local people shop there for produce, meat, fish, etc. There were pet stores that also sold chickens and other “working” birds as well as more normal pets. No cats or kittens, though.

There are also great walk/don’t walk signs that show the little guy actually moving, and as it gets closer to the yellow light he starts going faster & faster. I have to get some video of that – it’s great.

One of the stores we went to was the 7th Street Book Store, and the owner gave us some recommendations for dinner. One place closes early on Monday, so we went by there just to look at the menu. Mmmmm. We’ll go back tomorrow for dinner when they are open later. They also had a great boutique with beautiful handmade jewelry, bags, and artwork, as well as fun T-shirts. So a little shopping as well as dinner.

Where we ended up was an Asian restaurant called Tin Jo, which was fantastic and moderately priced. I had Chicken with Tamarind and Lemongrass, Mick had Teriyaki beef. Both came with lovely vegetables, most of which were recognizable. We are both thinking that we could go back there again before we leave SJ.

Tomorrow we tour the Orosi Valley, east of San Jose. It is supposed to be very, very beautiful and we are looking forward to it.

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