We love Costa Rica

Friday, May 6

Today started out with breakfast at the hotel. I need to say that this is the first time I have ever stayed at a 5-star hotel, and it is spoiling me. It was a wonderful buffet. Amusingly, they tried to tell us the coffee they serve would be the best we had ever tasted. Not even close, even though it was served in a french press.

Then it was up the slope of Arenal Volcano for the canopy tour and zip line down. It was so gorgeous taking the tram up through the forest canopy. We were hoping to see monkeys – heard some but didn’t see any. Next there were two little practice lines down. You had to decide after them if you were going to take the zip line all the way down, or not. There was no backing down after that point! It was a little scary, but no way were either of us backing down. Woo-hoo!! It was over WAAYYYY too soon.

After lunch, we just hung out until it was time to go to the Spa for my reflexology massage. Aaaaaaah. Outdoors in a secluded little bamboo pavilion, with the sound of hot springs water gurgling past, and lovely flute music. I need to find someone in Columbia who does Shiatsu.

Then yes, a lovely Asian buffet dinner at the restaurant in the Spa, followed by an evening dip in the hot springs. I could get used to this.

Tomorrow: heading to San Jose.

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  1. Louise's Blog says:

    You did not think that the coffee was the best ever? Wow- we only buy Costa Rican coffee now- import a case every three months- try the Cafe Britt- it might just change your mind

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