What if my life looked different?

What might it be like? I am starting to believe that unless I can imagine what my life COULD be like, nothing will change. The inertia is just too strong.  I’ll just keep drifting along like a leaf on the current.

Here are the big things that take most of my time: full-time work, teaching fitness classes, teaching private reformer sessions. These last two add up to another whole work day. Fitting in around these things: knitting, cooking, reading, hoop dancing, personal workouts, time with husband, internet & social media “keeping up”, a little TV (usually while knitting).

I’ve had times before where my life was filled up with activity, and I’ve crashed and burned as a result. I don’t want to go there this time. I’d like to figure out how to gracefully change – let go – have regular relaxing down time. Free time. More time with husband and friends.

I’m clumsy at letting go of things, I tend to be abrupt and fearful. This time I want to be thoughtful and graceful. I’ll be exploring that here, where it’s safe and no decisions are final. Get that self-talk out where I can see it, smell it, talk back.

Until next time.

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