Because I don’t have enough fiber-related projects in my life, clearly, I am now knitting a yarnbomb for a tree! There’s a group here in Columbia, SC who are yarnbombing 2 blocks of Main Street to help celebrate the solar eclipse in August. Columbia will be a prime viewing spot: we will get 2 and half minutes of totality! If you are interested you can read more at Eclipse2017.org.

If you are not familiar with yarnbombing, it’s basically getting creative in covering public stuff with yarn. Wrapping, knitting, crocheting, whatever you can think of. My objet d’yarn is a tree trunk that is 29″ around and 73″ tall. I’m having total fun planning what I’m going to do, PLUS it is a great excuse to buy more yarn. Thank you. I’m barely started so no pictures of my effort yet, but here are a couple of pictures from around the web to give you a taste.

A quick search on Pinterest or the search engine of your choice will show you hundreds more!


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