You need socks? They’ve got ’em…


May 11

Street Vendor Selling SocksAlong with other clothes, DVDs, toys, whistles, and much, much more. This guy was just starting to set up on Central Avenue when we walked by. There is like a changing of the guard around 7:30 pm – the vendors who have been there all day pack up and the evening vendors move in.

This morning we went to the National Museum, which is located in what used to be a fort. It’s just a few blocks from our hotel. There was a lot of information about the civil war in 1948 which led to the abolition of the army, and you can tour the officers quarters. There was a lot of European influence there, right down to the Art Deco bedroom decor. There was also a lot of information about the indigenous peoples and how they evolved, right up to the point where the Spanish arrived.

After we got back to the hotel, Mick did some hand laundry because it’s VERY expensive to have the hotel do laundry for you. $4 for one T-shirt! So the room is festooned with drying shirts & socks. Guess he could have just bought some, couldn’t he??

And really, that was about it for today. Pretty low-key all around. Tomorrow we are taking a tour of a coffee plantation, Cafe Britt.

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