100 Days of Spinning – Day 60

Merry Christmas!!

Today was doubly great because 1) I started the new practice wool – the Falklands – and it is dreamy and 2) husband Mick got me a gift card to The Woolery for Christmas!

The new wool is very interesting because you can actually see the waves of the crimp, which I have not noticed in my previous practice wools. And it feels very silky. However, to really get to know it I am spinning small bobbins, 1/2 ounce each. I did one today, and I’ll do the other tomorrow. Then I’ll ply those, wash the plied yarn, and when it’s dry I’ll knit a little swatch. I’m probably going to have to start a notebook, too. So I can keep track of all this stuff I’m doing and learning.

Until tomorrow.

The Falklands wool against the light

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