100 Days of Spinning – Day 61

Today I spun the 2nd 1/2 ounce bobbin of the new Falklands wool, then plied it. As always, the plying was instructive. The singles I spun today was just fine, but the one from yesterday had several places where there was just not enough spin and it didn’t hold together. That was a surprise. I haven’t had that problem before. At least I kept track of which bobbin was on which side, so I could tell which one was OK and which one had problems. I think when I spin tomorrow I’ll go one ratio higher. That will help make sure I get enough spin in for this wool.

As I write this, the plied wool is soaking. After it comes out, I’ll take a picture and add it to this post.

I bought a binder today to start tracking and compiling notes, samples, photos, etc. An added bonus is that I LOVE office supply stores so that was a really fun trip.

Until tomorrow.


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