100 Days of Spinning – Day 7

Today I plied the yarn I spun since Wednesday (which was the last time I plied). The proof of the yarn is in the plying. As it goes through my fingers onto the plying bobbin, I feel every bump, every unevenness. And as I expected, there was a big difference between the skeins from each of those days. Yes, each was a little better, more even, than the last.

Plied yarn from the spinning on Day 6. It's the best so far.

Plied yarn from the spinning on Day 6.

Then I spun two more ounces of wool. I was very conscious of the evenness (and lack thereof) of the draft as I worked. This is good, because awareness and practice will get me where I want to be.

Until tomorrow.

Yarn spun on Day 7

Yarn spun on Day 7

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