Real Food Sunday – Experiments in the Kitchen

Today in the kitchen was lower-key than some Sundays, which was nice. I did some experimenting, and fortunately all turned out well.

We got Bibb Lettuce in this week’s Pinckney’s box, and I wanted to do something with it besides salad (yawn). So I looked for recipes with cooked Bibb lettuce, and found one that was for carrots with braised Bibb lettuce. I decided to try just the braising part, and threw in the bok choy and the kohlrabi greens (also from the Pinckney’s box) as well. It turned out quite nicely.

I also wanted to try something different with the butternut squash I bought, so I cut it up and tossed it with chili powder and almond oil and roasted it. Yum!

I also roasted the actual kohlrabi that I took the greens from, with garlic powder and almond oil. I’ve made that before and it’s delicious.

For dinner tonight (and the rest of the week), I made Mexican casserole. You cook ground beef and mix in mushroom soup, sour cream, black beans, diced tomatoes, and chili powder, layer that mixture in a casserole with tortillas, top with cheese, and bake. We like it a lot, and I haven’t made it in  a long time.

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