Art Batts All Done, and on to Sari Silk

I set myself a goal to get through all my “special” fibers before this year’s SAFF in October. So I’ll know what I want more of, and what I don’t. So since my last spinning post, I’ve finished my last two art batts.

The first was a wool/silk blend, in a primarily cranberry color scheme. It has lots of lovely texture, and the colors are gorgeous. It was made by Crosspatch Creations. The vendor I got it from will be at SAFF again this year, so I’m excited to see what this year’s offering will be.

The second was a bit of a surprise. The top layer colors were all yellow/gold/orange, so I thought it would be light-colored. But underneath was a thick layer of dark chocolate brown wool, which made it come out dark with bright color highlights. It’s pretty, but not what I expected. This year I’ll know to check the “underneath” color.

Now I’ve started on my sari silk, which is silk from recycled saris. It’s quite different from the other kinds of silk that I’ve spun. The fibers are shorter, and it’s pretty slubby. Which gives it a very nice texture, so I don’t mind. I just have to be careful to enough twist in so it holds together. I have a lot, I bought 16 ounces, so I did a little 3-ply sample just to check how it comes out. Length for weight, how it looks at the ratios I used (8:1 for spinning & plying both). Once it’s dry I’ll swatch it.

Until tomorrow.


Crosspatch Creations wool/silk blend


Surprisingly Dark multi-fiber yarn


Sari Silk sample skein

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