At the Beach at Last

Manuel Antonio, CRThe Zipline tour
Sunday, 4/22/2012

I have to admit, I like really nice hotels and restaurants. Our new stopping point, the Buena Vista Villas in the town of Manuel Antonio, fits the bill nicely. It’s interesting in that it spans a pretty significant slope from beach to road. To get around, you call the desk & they send you a shuttle. You walk DOWN to where they pick you up, and when they drop you again it’s ABOVE your door, so you still walk down.

We started our day with a canopy zipline tour at Osa Mountain Village. It was lovely and exciting, including a couple of places where we rappelled down. The other people with us were a young couple with their 3 year old daughter, who was just too adorable. She rode each time with one of the guides, and after about the second line she was loving it.

After that, we headed down the mountain to this beach town, night & day different from both of our previous stays. After settling in a bit, we walked down to the beach and swam in the ocean. It’s a beautiful little beach and it felt fantastic to be in the water.

Back at our room, we showered and watched the sun set from our balcony. For dinner, we went to Salsipuedes, a tapas restaurant. I know I’m going to like a place when it has 2 dogs and a cat hanging around inside. They had great music playing, and now I know about a new-to-me Argentinian musician to check out – Diego Torres.

Which prompted a whole train of thought about how insular Americans are – south of us, there are whole peoples and cultures that we know almost nothing about. Countries that are having conversations with each other that we are completely missing. I have barely dipped my toe into that pool and I really regret what I’m missing.

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